Sunday, March 27, 2011

Apple sue Amazon because using the name ‘App Store’

Manufacturers iPhone and iPad was argued, because during the ‘App Store’ has become a trademark of Apple App Store, which is feared will lead to wrong perception of the user.

Quoted News Mobiles from Reuters, Tuesday (22/03/2011), Apple claims it had already filed in federal court in California last week.

Apple is already overdo famous for his service Apple App Store. In addition, they actually also have registered a trademark ‘App Store’ in the United States.

“We ask Amazon to not copy the name of the App Store because it will confuse and going the wrong perception to the customer,” said Apple spokeswoman, Kristin Huguet.

In its claim, Apple assess the Amazon have been using the trademark ‘App Store’ unlawfully in the organization of service ‘Amazon AppStore Developer Portal’. Unfortunately for the defense – the Amazon – not to give its official statement the company facing charges that it is owned by Steve Jobs.

Amazon itself shows indications of an aggressive approach in promoting his own App Store. The giant retailer from Seattle, Washington, USA has won the exclusive rights to the Rovio, developers Angry Birds, to distribute these popular games on Android smartphone.

But now, the Amazon was getting aggressive action that is not less severe challenges. That is from one of the world’s manufacturers of popular gadgets, Apple Inc.

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