Monday, March 28, 2011

WP7 Developer Handsets available in more Countries

Microsoft sent out it's latest edition of the Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Newsletter today. Asides from announcing that Windows Phone OS Updates, fondly known as Nodo, have started to be delivered (they just don't say where it's being delivered) it looks like app development will continue to grown globally.

Microsoft has partnered with to provide WP7 developer handsets and this partnership has been extended to more markets are for sale now in twenty-four countries ranging from Ireland to Sweden to Portugal to Switzerland.

Microsoft is also providing vouchers that will discount or reimburse developers for the purchase of the developers handset. After you make your purchase, developers simply need to reach out to their local evangelists for details on the voucher. Seeing that the phones are running upwards of $500 USD, it's nice to see Microsoft offering some help with the cost.

You can find out more information on this program as well as other development programs over at Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 development site.

Source: Windows Phone 7 Developer Newsletter, March Edition
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'4th & Mayor' goes to v1.1, adds "specials"

Even though the app has only been out for less than a week, Jeff Wilcox is delivering an update already to the popular Foursquare app '4th & Mayor' (see past coverage).

Version 1.1 just went live in the Marketplace an adds support for "specials", a feature just added to Foursquare this month. Foursquare specials allow business to deliver, well, special deals and offers to customers directly through Foursquare and checkins (hello merger of the social and commerce!). So here's how '4th & Mayor' uses this new feature:

  • Nearby specials shown in the “places” pivot item
  • When you check-in to a place with specials, you’ll get notified in the “what’s new” page with information about the special (click to redeem, too)
  • When you view the details for a venue, any special there will be shown before the mayorship information
  • Swiping left a few from the “info” pivot item of a place will give you a “specials” list, both at the venue you’re looking at, as well as nearby places with specials.

We're in mid-town Manhattan right now and we gotta say, this "special" thing...kind of cool. If you're a "mayor" of some of these businesses, kudos to the freebies you get.
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Microsoft gearing up for SSL cert update to Windows Phone?

While far from exciting, as it won't bring any new features, Microsoft is rumored to be working on an update to fix fraudulent SSL certificates in a hacking attempt that took aim at many web browser. Microsoft just published a security advisory on the issue to address the bogus SSL certs. As Bruce Cowper, manager of the Microsoft Trustworthy group states:

This is not a Microsoft security vulnerability; however, one of the certificates potentially affects Windows Live ID users via certificates may be used to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks against end users. We are unaware of any active attacks.

Microsoft has since patched Internet Explorer against the attack is reportedly mulling over an update, even possibly an over-the-air (OTA) one for Windows Phone, though nothing is certain at this point. No time line was given either. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft utilizes the OTA update capability for Windows Phone, a feature which was originally thought to be used for adding copy/paste but has since taken a back seat due to reliability concerns.

Edit: For those curious about SSL certs and how they work, see VeriSign
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Windows Phone poised to overtake RIM?

The technology research group Ovum is predicting that Android will drive smartphone market growth that is expected to double by 2016. The predictions will see Android owning 38% of the market, Apple owning 17.5% and Blackberry holding 16.5%.

What is interesting is that despite all the doom and gloom surrounding the NoDo headaches, Ovum has Windows Phone 7 claiming 17.2% of the market that will put it in the number three spot, ahead of RIM and not too far behind Apple. Ovum credits much of the predicted growth to help given by Nokia and their partnership with Microsoft.

However, Ovum points out that while there are potential rewards to the Nokia/Microsoft deal it also comes with risks. Ovum principal analyst Adam Leach states in the research release,

“For Microsoft the deal provides a committed handset partner that has the potential to make Windows Phone a mainstream smartphone platform. The risk to Microsoft is that other handset makers may choose not to compete with Nokia and may turn their backs on Windows Phone.”

While we all share frustrations over the update woes, this report is just a friendly reminder of the potential Windows Phone 7 has. Who knows, if Microsoft and the carriers can get this update process down pat and Ovum's predictions hold true, Windows Phone 7 might even overtake Apple.

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is fresh start, and it’s neat. It’s a clean slate that Microsoft can use as a foundation to build something entirely new, and it’s not like any other phone you’ve used. It manages to do something that’s sadly rare for Microsoft, which is to leverage all of these different Microsoft products and services—Bing, Xbox Live, Zune to name a few—and seamlessly bring them together in a single, polished product. Which is exactly what Windows Phone 7 needs to be.

windows phone 7 Windows Phone 7 use your smartphone as a modem by default

Microsoft’s description of the Windows Phone 7 interface is truth: It doesn’t try to feel like anything but a flat, digital interface. There is no attempt to depict three dimensionality or any kind of real-world mimesis. No gradients, shadows, gloss or shading. Everything is crisp and flat. Everything pops, bright primary colors and white text on a black landscape. Touch a tile on the main screen, and the interface flies away like exploding puzzle pieces, revealing the app you wanted to see. Oversized text is the order of the day. (Yes, it still runs off the screen in lots of place.) It feels gloriously modern. I love it. I wonder how gracefully it’ll age.

There are three buttons that’ll be on the front of every Windows Phone 7 phone: Start, Back and Search. Start works just like the home button the iPhone—it takes you back to the start page. Back is much like Android—it shoots you back a screen. Search is contextual, which means sometimes you don’t know what it’ll bring up. In Maps, it looks up where you want to go; in People, it looks through contacts; from the start screen, it’s Bing search, which is comprised of a general web search, local listings, and news.

Windows Phone 7 seeks to step away the barriers between you and you information, almost from the very first click. One of the very first screens you’ll see on startup is one asking you to sign in with a Windows Live ID. This connects your phone with your Windows Live and/or Hotmail e-mail account, calendaring, SkyDrive cloud storage, your Zune account, your Xbox Live gamertag and more. For now, many of the Windows Live benefits can only be realized if you’re using the Windows Live Wave 4 services. Most of these services are still in beta, but should all be live by the time Windows Phone 7 ships.

Windows Phone 7 fully integrates the Zune experience. If you have a Zune Pass subscription, you can find and stream music without paying a dime (beyond what you pay for the subscription). If you have a Zune account or Zune device and a passel of music, videos and podcasts on your desktop, you can connect the Zune to your PC and bring them over. The Zune client on the phone will also include an FM radio.

Web browsing (the technology is party IE7 and part IE8) is, as with most phones of this nature, a strong suit. Fully-rendered sites look great and WAP sites are tailor made for the long vertical screen. In each case, pinching and zooming reveals crystal-clear text, links and images. This is the performance we’ve come to expect of these large screen slab phones, and Windows Phone 7 delivers.
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HTC EVO 3D – GSM version is coming

While, HTC has not officially announced it, but they will offer a GSM version of HTC EVO 3D, we never doubted for a moment that this will appear on the market. The site of the company already has a page on the device with features to work with GSM networks. Changes in the specifications than the American version are a bit – instead of 4GB of internal memory the phone has only 1GB and 1GB of RAM. Of course – 4.3 3D screen with resolution of 540×960 pixels (qHD), which allows consideration of 3D content without glasses, two 5MP cameras to capture 3D pictures and 720p HD video and Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8660 chipset with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor + Andreno graphics accelerator 220. There is also a 1.3 MP front camera for video calls.

Connection opportunities are also interesting, besides the standard Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, HSDPA 14.4 Mbps and microUSB 2.0 5-pin port, which supports the mobile high-definition video link (MHL). We already wrote about it, but recalled that allows use USB or HDMI connection with a connector. There are also a microSD card slot, compatibility with technology DLNA, FM radio, GPS receiver and SRS audio technology to create virtual surround sound when using headphones. HTC EVO 3D works with Android 2.3, which is combined with the HTC Sense interface. It adds some new features such as touch screen when you lock the phone, which displays different information and new design of the main screen that offers more dynamically updated data. It is not clear when it will be on the market, but will probably be in the summer.
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Get it now, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson has had a bit of a topsy turvy time with its Android phones over the years. Its first few attempts, including the Xperia X1 and Xperia X10, didn't quite get the balance right but the X10 mini and X10 mini pro both impressed us and were intriguing options if you were looking for a particularly small phone.

The company's latest attempt, then, is the Xperia X8. It sits somewhere between the X10 mini and full-size X10 in terms of size, making for a small-but-not-tiny Android smartphone. It's also relatively inexpensive at just £130, or free on £15pm contracts.

The X8's design is a tough one to nail down. It's clearly not the most elegant device going and its plastic construction certainly makes itself known. However, it feels solid and well put together, and has a certain charm. If colour's your thing, you'll be pleased to know the backplate is available in a variety of thereof, though the front remains pearlescent white whichever you choose.

Where perhaps the phone most prominently shows its budget orientation is the front and more specifically the screen. The markedly grey (rather than black) and plastic 3in rectangle is slightly recessed into the bezel, which slighty hampers usability. The bezel is also rather wide, making the screen appear smaller than it actually is.

Otherwise, the general hardware of the X8 is rather impressive. The three buttons under the screen are responsive and easily distinguished while the sides are home to more features than you might expect at this price.

Up top there's a microUSB socket (underneath a somewhat annoying plastic flap), the power/screen lock button, and headphone socket that is compatible with Sony Ericsson's inline headsets – thus the odd shape. A headset that provides reasonable quality audio and decent noise isolation comes in the box however it isn't actually of the aforementioned Sony Ericsson proprietary type.

The left and bottom edges are devoid of features but on the right is a volume rocker and, joy of joys, a shutter button for the camera. Finally, there's the camera itself that sits on the back, sadly without an LED flash to accompany it.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here it is leaked of the iPhone 5

After the era of the iPhone 4, Apple’s innovative handset again being chased audiences. iPhone 5 – thus the name for the latest generation iPhone – supposedly included in the testing stage of production.

Quoted News Mobiles from Cellular News, on Thursday (03/24/2011), the iPhone 5, predicted to be strolling to the surface in the third quarter of 2011.

Another leak that had previously been warmed is related to big screen, the iPhone 5, which supposedly will appear wider than the iPhone version 4. That is a 4 inch from the previous 3.5-inch only.

The China Times adds, changes will occur on the side of the antenna slightly, where the embedded antenna will be designed curved, different from the original version.

Then from the kitchen side of the runway, the iPhone 5, also rumored going to carry the NFC chip and the body will be covered with metal chassis.
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Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Coming in Q2 2011

We have good news for all you Nokia fans out there. With some of the big names going the Windows Phone 7 route, it appears that Nokia is unwilling to lose a piece of the WP7 pie. A latest rumor is pointing towards the launch of Nokia devices, which will be running WP7, in the second quarter of 2011.

Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin has revealed that Microsoft and Nokia have been conducting talks regarding a Nokia-branded WP7 smartphone range. Murtazin has suggested that the first batch of Nokia WP7 devices will reach the European markets in Q2 2011, which could be sold under the Nokia brand, and will have some typical Nokia characteristics.

Murtazin is also saying that these talks were prompted by Stephen Elop who is the newly-instated Nokia CEO, and who is also the ex-head of Microsoft Business.

You might already know about Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo plans, so this latest info is a bit hard to believe. But since it has come from a guy who is famous for his former hits, we believe that this may not be the last time we will be hearing about Nokia Windows devices.

But, Nokia has already denied any plans to go the Android or Windows Phone 7 way, and the first MeeGo devices are expected to arrive in 2011.

But it would be really fun to see the competition rising in the WP7 market, and customers would love to see the company’s excellent hardware running other platforms.

We will keep you updating when further info arrives. So stay tuned.
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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Smartphones

The Galaxy S 4G has accumulated a lot of appreciation in this ever-growing tec
hnological terrain considering its advanced capabilities and stylish design. Putting an end to all the rumors and leaks, T-Mobile has finally doffed the silk off the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone which promises to render download speeds of around 21MB/s.

Adorned by a vibrant 4-inch super AMOLED touchscreen display, the newest entrant enables owners to immerse themselves in mobile HD TV via T-Mobile TV, the popular movie Inception and T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik. Driven by the Android 2.2 operating system, this stunning mobile phone comes equipped with a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and a VGA front-facing camera.

The offering is capable of delivering around 400 hours of standby time and 6.5 hours of talktime. As light as 4.16oz, this unit precisely blends together several innovative features and attractive attributes to put forth an enhanced user experience. Users can snap up this handset via T-Mobile’s retail stores and official website along with Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Target Mobile locations as well as Walmart.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is expected to be available on February 23 via T-Mobile for $199.99 (approx Rs. 9,026) with a qualifying plan on a two-year service agreement after a $50 (approx Rs. 2,256) mail-in-rebate.
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Apple sue Amazon because using the name ‘App Store’

Manufacturers iPhone and iPad was argued, because during the ‘App Store’ has become a trademark of Apple App Store, which is feared will lead to wrong perception of the user.

Quoted News Mobiles from Reuters, Tuesday (22/03/2011), Apple claims it had already filed in federal court in California last week.

Apple is already overdo famous for his service Apple App Store. In addition, they actually also have registered a trademark ‘App Store’ in the United States.

“We ask Amazon to not copy the name of the App Store because it will confuse and going the wrong perception to the customer,” said Apple spokeswoman, Kristin Huguet.

In its claim, Apple assess the Amazon have been using the trademark ‘App Store’ unlawfully in the organization of service ‘Amazon AppStore Developer Portal’. Unfortunately for the defense – the Amazon – not to give its official statement the company facing charges that it is owned by Steve Jobs.

Amazon itself shows indications of an aggressive approach in promoting his own App Store. The giant retailer from Seattle, Washington, USA has won the exclusive rights to the Rovio, developers Angry Birds, to distribute these popular games on Android smartphone.

But now, the Amazon was getting aggressive action that is not less severe challenges. That is from one of the world’s manufacturers of popular gadgets, Apple Inc.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

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